Charming and frightening. Repulsive and calling. Close and unfamiliar. In it, it seems, there are no actors and certain circumstances. He fascinates us. Someone invisible wants to look under the skin, deeper, and takes us away.

“… an internal” explosion “that destroys and gives birth to something new in us, it can not affect our core. But we need it. His absence speaks of a dormant essence within a person, like the universe before her birth. “© Elena Churilova

PEEPING TOM is first and foremost a dance performance. They will speak in it. Sometimes with words. Sometimes the shots leading us to the surrealism of David Lynch. But all the time – unique, the author’s language of the choreographer.

A continuous dialogue will be with us. During the performance it is difficult to get rid of the feeling of presence, involvement in an action, the meaning of which will open and become visible to everyone in its own way. Because we will be in an illusion that does not have an unambiguous interpretation. At least, we will not be trained for it.

And in the “aftertaste” of the play, when everyone is left alone with their reflections and impressions, something will become very clear for us, something very personal.